Intro to The Long Fadeout crime/suspense novel

  Intro: September (by Max Talley) Keith Bender hated the desert. He had always despised it: a hot and dry wasteland where people withered to brittle husks before reaching perdition. Bender awoke slouched on the caked Nevada soil with his … Continue reading

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I never saw my son.  That wasn’t the way they did things in those days.  But I know he had blue eyes, because his father did and so do I.   I know about genetics because in my senior year of … Continue reading

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You Be Frodo

“Todd? What’s that you’re wearing?” “Read in TheTimes this can, you know, spice up a marriage.” His voice is muffled. “So what do you think?” “TheTimes said to wear an Elmo costume to bed?” “Not specifically Elmo. It’s called role … Continue reading

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512px-Autoscheinwerfer_bei_Nacht_(Langzeitbelichtung)_001They sit and listen and imagine until 12:12 a.m. They both gasp when the minute hand lurches forward. It hits them like a truth revealed for the very first time, every time. They hold their breath and each other’s hands. They watch for headlights to appear around the bend in the highway… Continue reading

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