Maryanne Knight’s Future Visions and Worldbuilding by M. Talley

I met Maryanne Knight four or five years ago at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, and was immediately impressed by the science fiction novel chapters she read in Matt Pallamary’s workshop. Her writing is dense and intelligent. I did worldbuilding … Continue reading

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All For Love

“Dance with me,” she said, looking down at him. Carl pocketed his iPhone and rose from his lonely seat on the couch. He wondered if she’d seen him watching her among the other dancers, dipping and spinning like a manic … Continue reading

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The Fervid Imagination and Writing Process of Rick Shaw, by M. Talley

Rick Shaw has been part of the Southern California writing community for over a decade. Though I have known him for roughly five years, we both attended the Santa Barbara Writers Conference for the first time in 2005, when it was held at Westmont College in Montecito. When I read Rick’s work, I think, this is a guy who could actually make money off his books. His genre writing (sci-fi, horror, crime/mystery, etc.) is commercial, not in the sense of watered-down, generic speculative fiction, but in the manner of writers like Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Michael Crichton. Anyone attending the writers conference over the last years has undoubtedly seen Rick in the main lounge typing away on his laptop with a slightly distracted look, as if he has mentally transported to another planet, but left his physical body behind to anchor him to our world. Rick is married to Laurie (La), an incredible baker of cakes, has four sons, and works at Antelope Valley College. It is an honor to present an excerpt of his novel in progress, The Tunguska Deception, in Luna Review. Continue reading

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State of Grace: The Art and Process of Grace Rachow – by M. Talley

Grace Rachow is known at the “Queen of the World” at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference. She has been helping out in one way or another with SBWC for the past 25 years and recently acquired the related title of … Continue reading

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