State of Grace: The Art and Process of Grace Rachow – by M. Talley

Grace Rachow is known at the “Queen of the World” at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference. She has been helping out in one way or another with SBWC for the past 25 years and recently acquired the related title of … Continue reading

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Members Only (1957)

You are seven years old again. Mom’s going through your closet and trying to find a dress for you to wear to the Christmas party at the Nile Country Club. It’s supposed to be a special party for children. You … Continue reading

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Here In Our Playground

Verses from New Orleans Poet, Mike True. Continue reading

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Call Me Vicki

My father was the first to call me Thumbelina. I adored it as a young child. It sounded like a term of endearment to an attention-hungry middle child of seven sibs, wedged in a family where kind words were handed … Continue reading

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