A Good Listener Is Hard to Find

ocean_rocksShe always lived a life of passion, but now, for no reason at all, nothing mattered. She waited at eternity's bus stop as if for Godot. Everything she used to love turned to sawdust at her feet. Books, art, film, nature, walking, the ocean, talking to other people, bothering to get out of bed. None of it worth the effort… Continue reading

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Grandma Gaia Needs a Drink: Her Horoscopes for the Gods

Once upon a time, when the universe was young, Mother Gaia and her partner Ouranos created the gods. Now her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren rule the roost, exerting their cosmic influence through the signs of the zodiac. Rachel Lugn eavesdrops on the great earth goddess’s advice to her rambunctious family… Continue reading

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Three Poems by Gina Ferrara

By Ichlügner (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia CommonsBlue, a favorite of the deities
with little practical application–
slow willow tresses stained,
uncorrupted by civilizations
or a long river of waltzes… Continue reading

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The Lavender Box

2011-01-27 (c)Brenda Gottsabend,  CC BY-NC 2.0The neatly typed latitudes arrived
on thin parchment or onion skin,
typed strips in pica print,
to name the biggest state…
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