The Uncertain Surgeon

CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia CommonsThe worst aspect of your uncertain nature is surgery itself. You remove then replace the same organs. You sew someone up, open them again. You think you left something inside, like a scalpel, which you never do, but you have to make sure. Your last surgery, you removed and reattached the same kidney five times…
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Spirit Waters

Scrub Oak 1, by Charles Hutchins, CC BY 2.0Gaze at the surface of the sulfurous pools – the dashing and darting of watery sprites – strands of currents lifting suddenly off the surface of the water – floating off into misty strands – softening to fog – billowing… Continue reading

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Picking Pomegranates

At dusk
I slip over the stone wall
to the orchard of Doña Ester.
I want her pomegranates… Continue reading

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Welcome, from All of Us Cafe Lunatics

11109446_964348673617913_4003847348296143006_nDuring all of its six-and-a-fraction years of life, the Cafe Luna radiated a personality throughout its Summerland, California, environs reminiscent of a karaoke night at a neighborhood tavern and the green room of an engaging, late night TV talk show… Continue reading

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