The Birthday Party

197091151_23e06ecdca_zThey walked along, deer quiet. Little things became big. Birds rustled in the brush. Leaves rubbed together. Crow in the distance. Vincent used his eyes or lips to point, to indicate this piece of sage or that dried brown buckwheat flower. He collected small pieces of plants… Continue reading

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Excerpt from The Sleuth and the Goddess

TheSleuthAndTheGoddessWhat links depth psychology to detective fiction is a similar sense of knowledge as a problem with tricky overtones, rather than something subject to wholly rational analysis. Both the detective and the psychoanalyst have to search for clues to a truth that is hidden from view. In both cases the truth sought for is of unknown extent… Continue reading

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Two Poems by BA Wingate

By Markus Grossalber, CC BY 2.0A late summer of Great Lakes girls
with their sweet Pink Catawba
in antique sherry glasses
their coy fresh-water sailing-games…
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Kill Bill Comes Home

Army Dog Handler and 'Vaske,' by Cpl Lynny Cash, CC BY 2.0This is what Kill Bill carried in his saddle pack. For his four-mile round trip, five days a week, twice a day: four-pound bags of cat food to a feral cat colony in dire need of food and water. Under a hot June sun, he carried his own water. His saddlebag also stored a can of Alpo, even a can opener. He worked harder than he needed to, the way you do when you want to forget… Continue reading

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