Papa at the Window

20151110_145423 (1)Some think that death is the end, that there can be nothing without the brain, the portal of all our sensations and the maker of all our perceptions. There are no lingering spirits to guard with watchful purpose those left behind. No restless ghosts rattling chains in the night… Continue reading

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Some Things You Should Know about Story (Six, to Be Precise)

photo by authorImagine a TV Guide synopsis of Hamlet: “Gloomy Dane pursues his father’s assassin.” It sounds stupid but it’s important that you basically know the shape of the story you’re going to tell, or at least have a rough idea of its beginning, middle, and end… Continue reading

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The Pickup Trucks of History

515PfzMa2JLDonkey caravans connected courts and cities long before Ancient Egypt’s greatest pharaohs cast their eyes on more distant lands. The tempo of long distance trade, of globalized commerce, picked up dramatically throughout Southwest Asia after the nineteenth century B.C.E. Caravan trails led from coastal cities like Ugarit and Tyre on the Mediterranean coast to the Euphrates and Tigris… Continue reading

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Baptism for the Dead

I blinked the sting from my eyes, gasped for breath, clung to the man’s left arm, lurching to find my balance in the turbulence left in the wake of my plunge. He already raced through the next prayer: “Joanna Gardner for and in behalf of Susan Jones who is dead I baptize you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost amen”—whoosh!—I was under again… Continue reading

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