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Jim Alexander, Contributing Editor

Steve Beisner, Lord of the Digital Universe

Gloria Garfunkel, “The Doctor Is In”

Shelly Lowenkopf, Eminence Grise and Falstaff

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The Luna Review is currently accepting submissions from now until February 28th, 2017.

We publish short stories, stand-alone novel chapters, poetry, essays, interviews… almost anything that is both good writing and is judged to be of interest to our readers.

GUIDELINES: 4,000 word limit for short fiction. Under 3,000 words for essays or memoir. 12 pt type, Times New Roman  or Courier font. Please see William Shunn’s formatting for standard submission example.  One single submission in one category. Wait for response before submitting again. Multiple submissions will be deleted unread.

Send your submission as an email attachment to  Acceptable word processing formats are “.doc”, “.docx”, or “.rtf”.  If we accept your work you’ll also be asked to provide a short (!) biography and a digital photo.


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