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Excerpt from Our Daily Breach: The Pacific

71dFJmaiIaLIshmael’s rich meditation on the Pacific Ocean is one of the most imaginative and over-arching in the voyage of words he crafts. It brings to his consciousness the nature of mystery as well as the mystery of Nature, with its countless teeming and often invisible life forms as well as the myriad wishes and dreams of mankind… Continue reading

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Two Poems by Joanna Gardner

"Cupid and Psyche," Domenico Corvi, 1784She stands beside her sleeping lover,
oil lamp held high. She’s never seen
his legs and wings, torso swelling

with his breath, his face as soft as
any girl’s, and here is where it turns
her—water into wine… Continue reading

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Why Mythology?

ganesha in perilEvery morning, I get up to teach an hour-long mythology class to twenty-nine sleep deprived high schoolers, starting at 6:56 A.M. We leave the world of modernity behind, then venture into the pantheons of Ancient Greece and Rome. We meditate on Hindu deities. We listen to Buddhist mantras. We read tales from the Mayan, Haitian, Navajo cultures… Continue reading

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The Fire of Fear and Frigid Fundamentals

Photograph by the authorThe blood of my ancestors pulses within the walls of this church, their bones alive within the soil upon which it sits. A church built by the hands of Texas farmers, hands that knew hard work, loss, and prayer. This is the church where my mother’s father spent a childhood swinging from oak trees, where my father’s mother taught Sunday School in sunlit classrooms, where my parents were married beneath a solid oak pulpit. I was known by this church before I was born… Continue reading

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