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Sixteen Cents

I dreamed of misty ground, clouds under my feet where carrots grew. I pulled carrots, cleaned off the dirt, placed bunches in boxes. Carrots turned green, boxes grew enormous. I worked all day long waiting for sixteen cents… Continue reading

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Excerpt from Our Daily Breach: A Bosom Friend

71dFJmaiIaLAt times only the love of another given freely is sufficient to change the course and the construction of our lives. Unconditional acceptance by another can restore and redeem us; it is enough to melt amassed acerbities that deflect us bitterly from life… Continue reading

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Tarot Time: The Empress

Image by Marcia O'Hara, AwakeningAeonTarot.comYou feel a little lost, a little bored, a little lonely. Wisely, you pull out your tarot deck. You shuffle the cards, close your eyes, reach out, draw a card… The Empress. Lucky, lucky you.

You hear her voice… Continue reading

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Grandma Gaia Needs a Drink: Her Horoscopes for the Gods

Once upon a time, when the universe was young, Mother Gaia and her partner Ouranos created the gods. Now her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren rule the roost, exerting their cosmic influence through the signs of the zodiac. Rachel Lugn eavesdrops on the great earth goddess’s advice to her rambunctious family… Continue reading

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