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Shelly Lowenkopf is the Café Luna editorial guru. He enjoys the written word: reading, writing, and laughing at it. Shelly is unassuming until challenged by wit and run-on sentences. That will bring out his bull-nature. Do not confuse his animalistic tendencies with Poseidon or The Minotaur. Shelly’s domain is protecting commas, indentations, metaphors, and coffee.

A Vision Quest

1. Rae hates her given name but cannot speak openly about her dislike of it because it is also the name of her beloved grandmother, who has emotionally and financially encouraged Rae to leave Kingsport, Tennessee, the better to seek her destiny…
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The Truth of the Matter

Not that you have anything against telling the truth. You in fact learn intriguing bits of information to chew over later when, in the heat of composition passion, you reveal something about yourself you hadn't been all that aware of on a more direct level. For instance, there's the gray area around exaggerating and telling a known untruth… Continue reading

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