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About Shelly Lowenkopf

Shelly Lowenkopf is the Café Luna editorial guru. He enjoys the written word: reading, writing, and laughing at it. Shelly is unassuming until challenged by wit and run-on sentences. That will bring out his bull-nature. Do not confuse his animalistic tendencies with Poseidon or The Minotaur. Shelly’s domain is protecting commas, indentations, metaphors, and coffee.

Work in Progress

When awash and still dripping with early drafts of a new story, I’m reminded of a teacher, confronted by pumped-up third- and fourth-graders, eager to show not only the answer to a question but to demonstrate how much they know. … Continue reading

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An Eclectic-but-Hearty Welcome to Our New Contributing Editor

Among our many editorial goals, being eclectic in taste manifests itself in our choice of contributors and contributing editors. Although we at Luna Review have a fixed set of editorial guidelines, you, Dear Reader and (we hope) Constant Reader will … Continue reading

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Some Things You Should Know about Story (Six, to Be Precise)

photo by authorImagine a TV Guide synopsis of Hamlet: “Gloomy Dane pursues his father’s assassin.” It sounds stupid but it’s important that you basically know the shape of the story you’re going to tell, or at least have a rough idea of its beginning, middle, and end… Continue reading

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Welcome, from All of Us Cafe Lunatics

11109446_964348673617913_4003847348296143006_nDuring all of its six-and-a-fraction years of life, the Cafe Luna radiated a personality throughout its Summerland, California, environs reminiscent of a karaoke night at a neighborhood tavern and the green room of an engaging, late night TV talk show… Continue reading

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