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Rachel Lugn is the funniest Lunatic oracle this side of Jupiter. An artist and mythologist, she studies astrology, tarot, and the occult. She is a tight-rope artist, metaphorically speaking, walking the line between the material world and the metaphysical. She knows how to make a soufflé but doesn’t know what to do with a vacuum.

Tarot Time: The Empress

Image by Marcia O'Hara, AwakeningAeonTarot.comYou feel a little lost, a little bored, a little lonely. Wisely, you pull out your tarot deck. You shuffle the cards, close your eyes, reach out, draw a card… The Empress. Lucky, lucky you.

You hear her voice… Continue reading

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Grandma Gaia Needs a Drink: Her Horoscopes for the Gods

Once upon a time, when the universe was young, Mother Gaia and her partner Ouranos created the gods. Now her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren rule the roost, exerting their cosmic influence through the signs of the zodiac. Rachel Lugn eavesdrops on the great earth goddess’s advice to her rambunctious family… Continue reading

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Tarot Time: The Joker

Awakening Aeon Cards 16 Joker - smallerHello, puny human. You pulled me for a reason. Allow me to enlighten you; you obviously need it… Continue reading

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