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Michael True was born in Salem, Indiana in 1952. He is a third generation print/digital media author and publisher, who started writing as a cub reporter for his grandparents’ rural newspaper, the Banner Gazette around the age of 12. A nomad by fate and choice, he has spent a lifetime traveling extensively throughout the United States, living at times in Georgia, Florida, California, and Louisiana. Other travels exceeding the U.S. borders include visits to Mexico and deployment to the Far East during a stint in the U. S. Navy. Michael earned both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Indiana University, majoring in Education. Following a professional career spanning 24 years as a special education teacher and administrator, heart problems prompted an early retirement. Not to be sidelined for very long, Mr. True turned to the arts for solace. Fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a writer and visual artist, he retired to New Orleans, Louisiana. Inspired by the rich culture of a timeless city, he has spent the past 10 years joyously composing songs, writing poetry and short stories, as well as honing his acrylic painting skills. Published works include contributions to the Maple Leaf Rag Anthologies III, IV, V, and VI, (Portals Press) and “Diabolical Seas” (Portals Press – available on Amazon .com). Additional literary works can be found at -

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