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Keith was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He received a degree in Aquatic Biology at UC Santa Barbara and worked for the City of Santa Barbara. He is married and resides in Santa Barbara where he splits his time writing and hanging out with Great White Sharks, and the occasional Hammerhead, on his standup paddleboard.

Kill Bill Comes Home

Army Dog Handler and 'Vaske,' by Cpl Lynny Cash, CC BY 2.0This is what Kill Bill carried in his saddle pack. For his four-mile round trip, five days a week, twice a day: four-pound bags of cat food to a feral cat colony in dire need of food and water. Under a hot June sun, he carried his own water. His saddlebag also stored a can of Alpo, even a can opener. He worked harder than he needed to, the way you do when you want to forget… Continue reading

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Saving Lives in the High Desert

Trash Barbie (18 May 12) (c)Ed Brownson, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0Something wet covered my face, which had to be blood. It also happened to be Aaron’s blood. He slumped over the steering wheel. His eyes closed… Continue reading

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