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About Joanna Gardner

Joanna Gardner is a writer and mythologist. Her blog, Fire Angel Baby (, is not to be missed. She rules the forces of magic and can turn you into a toad. If you do find yourself as a toad, do not blame Joanna; she has connections in scary places (Athena) who may or may not decide to kick your puny ass.

Baptism for the Dead

I blinked the sting from my eyes, gasped for breath, clung to the man’s left arm, lurching to find my balance in the turbulence left in the wake of my plunge. He already raced through the next prayer: “Joanna Gardner for and in behalf of Susan Jones who is dead I baptize you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost amen”—whoosh!—I was under again… Continue reading

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Two Poems by Joanna Gardner

"Cupid and Psyche," Domenico Corvi, 1784She stands beside her sleeping lover,
oil lamp held high. She’s never seen
his legs and wings, torso swelling

with his breath, his face as soft as
any girl’s, and here is where it turns
her—water into wine… Continue reading

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Summoning the Luscious

Vassily_Kandinsky,_1925_-In_BlueMother of the desert, I hold
your flame in my left hand. Father

of the wet earth, your flame
burns in my right… Continue reading

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