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Jeff Wing is a columnist, short story writer, poet, roustabout, and existential wastrel. To date he has approximately 17,000 followers, of whom all but a scant handful are what psychologists call "imaginary". His essay "The Bewildered Public Library" can be found in the commemorative anthology "Library Book", alongside contributions by such leading lights of lit as Ray Bradbury, Neil Gaiman, Perie Longo and T.C. Boyle—published on the occasion of the Santa Barbara Public Library's centennial. Jeff speaks halting Dutch. He is possessed of a lazy left eye and a nose made asymmetric by a 1973 Toyota Corolla. Kids: "look both ways" remains sound advice.


That morning I drank for about an hour and a half and thought about Brenda; the manner of her death, or the moment of her death. I would put it all in a box. It would need to be light … Continue reading

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