An Eclectic-but-Hearty Welcome to Our New Contributing Editor

Among our many editorial goals, being eclectic in taste manifests itself in our choice of contributors and contributing editors. Although we at Luna Review have a fixed set of editorial guidelines, you, Dear Reader and (we hope) Constant Reader will surely note how none of our editors adhere to these guidelines. You may well ask why we have them, then, to which our response is immediate: To ignore them.

That said, we introduce to our masthead and to you Gloria Garfunkel of Cambridge, MA, who has risen in our esteem through the ranks of a contributor to a Contributing Editor. MS, or perhaps we should say Dr. Garfunkel, is a retired therapist, dealing in some degree with patients afflicted with symptoms related to depression. Ms, or Dr. Garfunkel, first came to our attention as a writer who had been asked to leave the writing platform Fictionaut. Highly as we think of her work on its own merits, we could think of no better qualification to welcome her to Luna Review.

About Shelly Lowenkopf

Shelly Lowenkopf is the Café Luna editorial guru. He enjoys the written word: reading, writing, and laughing at it. Shelly is unassuming until challenged by wit and run-on sentences. That will bring out his bull-nature. Do not confuse his animalistic tendencies with Poseidon or The Minotaur. Shelly’s domain is protecting commas, indentations, metaphors, and coffee.
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