Disillusioned by Karl Bradford

The shallow minded
Exist in black and white worlds
Bad guys and good guys

God is on their side
Part of his holy army
Why they’re winners

Actions sanctioned by Beliefs
Engraved deep within                                                                     





Ugliness of war
Obscured by patriotism’s
Propaganda blitz

Prepared for battle
Temporary obsession
Blinds them to reason

When soldiers return
War has stripped away the lies
And their self-respect

Karl Bradford—Doc to his friends—was an army dentist during the Vietnam War, an experience that shook and eventually tumbled the foundations of his belief system. He turned to writing, journals at first and later novels, to help him make sense of it all. Writing for him has always been about the process of self-discovery and exploration of truth and now, forty-five years later, has evolved into My Hokey World, an ongoing account of his personal individuation.


About Jim Alexander

Jim Alexander wrote a humor column for nineteen years. His nonfiction has also been published in the Los Angeles Times and the Santa Barbara News-Press. His short story “Baby Grand” was published in Carpinteria Magazine. His short story “Rancho Zorra Dusk,” was performed at Speaking of Stories in Santa Barbara’s Lobero Theatre. His short story “Community Service” was recently published in The Whistling Fire. He co-wrote the script for the movie Blind Date Interactive. He won The Montecito Journal Award for Literary Fiction in 2014. He won The Arts Fund Individual Artist Award for General Fiction in 2010.
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