Here In Our Playground

(Dear Coral,)

You are and always will be
My right brain connection 
My taste buds for sweetness
My eye for delight

I breathe in the essence
Of worlds disconnected
And feeling your gravity
I hasten my reply
Might I explain
This centrific illusion
This calculated mis-alignment
Of chaos and space
If it wasn’t for the future
I’d have no path to follow
With no money in my pockets
I made my getaway
And you, most of all 
Understood my tendency to wander
The darkness in the daylight
My quest to find peace
How futile my efforts
To build the finest castle
The water and the tides
To wash away the deeds
But you, you were the dock
The one I tied onto
Now stepping ashore 
I am catching my breath
Darlin’, you were the moonlight
The sun on the harbor 
This sailor’s best shore leave
And I’ll never forget
In some ways a soul mate
In some ways a lover
In some ways a sister
And mother you are

It's hard to imagine
A someone that's closer
As close as you came
(As close as we came)
To mending my heart

But there in your ocean
Where sea life becomes you
And sunlight caresses
Your dress and your hair

It's hard to untangle
To brush it all over
To put back the ribbons
To make it seem fair

For I am a dreamer
And you are a dreamer
And dreams are as many 
As birds in the air

You, like the swallows,
Bound to your missions
And I like the crows
To be seen here and there

Now death to remind us
That we are not dying
And maybe the living
Is harder alone
But life is a good thing
A chance to learn lessens
A chance to feel love
To pass it along

And though there be distance
That distance is nothing 
I’m swinging in harmony
I am close by your side

Yes, here in our playground
There is room for adventure
Art, poetry, and music 
Sunshine and laughter… 
And a love that will always survive.

About Michael True

Michael True was born in Salem, Indiana in 1952. He is a third generation print/digital media author and publisher, who started writing as a cub reporter for his grandparents’ rural newspaper, the Banner Gazette around the age of 12. A nomad by fate and choice, he has spent a lifetime traveling extensively throughout the United States, living at times in Georgia, Florida, California, and Louisiana. Other travels exceeding the U.S. borders include visits to Mexico and deployment to the Far East during a stint in the U. S. Navy. Michael earned both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Indiana University, majoring in Education. Following a professional career spanning 24 years as a special education teacher and administrator, heart problems prompted an early retirement. Not to be sidelined for very long, Mr. True turned to the arts for solace. Fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a writer and visual artist, he retired to New Orleans, Louisiana. Inspired by the rich culture of a timeless city, he has spent the past 10 years joyously composing songs, writing poetry and short stories, as well as honing his acrylic painting skills. Published works include contributions to the Maple Leaf Rag Anthologies III, IV, V, and VI, (Portals Press) and “Diabolical Seas” (Portals Press – available on Amazon .com). Additional literary works can be found at -
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