Tarot Time: The Empress

You feel a little lost, a little bored, a little lonely. Wisely, you pull out your tarot deck. You shuffle the cards, close your eyes, reach out, draw a card… The Empress. Lucky, lucky you.

You hear her voice:

Image by Marcia O'Hara, AwakeningAeonTarot.com

Image by Marcia O’Hara, AwakeningAeonTarot.com

“The birds are my friends, the trees are my friends, the squirrels are my friends, la la la… The forest lives, the earth is my home, la la la… My throne is carved from a sacred grove…” Oh screw it, I’ve been singing this crap for eternity. If I had my way I’d throw on a bear skin and roll around in the mud. I would love to get dirty for once, instead of all this pseudo-Disney bull. I am about so much more than my woodland friends and this everlasting pregnancy. Talk about a backache. I am THE EMPRESS!

New perspectives are blooming about me finally. I’m so often confused with the High Priestess. She’s cool, don’t get me wrong, but talk about the “Be still, be silent” type. I like to RUN!

I understand that you have all these dimensions and facets to your life and your personality while I am a single dimension (because each tarot card is one piece of the big pie) BUT enough with the judgments. Open up to freedom—mental, emotional, attitudinal.

Consider the possibility that limitations are human constructions.

What’s the most challenging thing you can imagine?

Identify your challenge—you created it, after all—and I mean the deep stuff. I’m not talking about climbing Mount Everest, baking a soufflé, or flying around the world. Those are child’s play.

I mean lose the grumpy attitude before you drink your morning coffee. Appreciate your boss (especially when she doesn’t deserve it). Live in a cabin without the internet for a week. Sing karaoke (sober). Forgive your brother with all your heart (yes, ALL your heart). Tell your reflection you love yourself every day (unless of course you’re a Leo). Do something that makes you squirm. A real life-changer. This is “go for the gold” time.

Ever hear of alchemy? That’s where you turn lead into gold, or create the philosopher’s stone for everlasting life. Well, it’s all metaphor. It’s real, but not literal—just like me. And now it’s time to turn your lead into gold—the kind that’s inside you, like a warm ball of sunshine in your belly.

Steps to achieve a golden belly:

  1. Continue reading this article.
  2. Sit in contemplation for at least one minute after reading this article.
  3. Brainstorm: (King of Disks wants me to remind you to write it down) what areas of your personality could use a tune-up?
  4. Seek assistance from: a friend, a Jungian analyst (they like tarot), meditation practice, metaphysical conference on change or growth, your garden (buy a pot of basil). Or you could rearrange your living space, read mythology and fairytales, anything that invigorates you and does not distract from who you strive to be. Note: movies and video games = distraction.
  5. Keep going.
  6. Exceed! Exceed! Strive ever for more.
  7. Check back with your tarot cards.
  8. Seek more assistance. You’re not alone in the world, so don’t pretend you have to do everything on your own.

The bottom line is play with life. Make your life the life you want it to be, and where is the only place to begin a change? With you.

Feeling skeptical? Prove me wrong, honey—DO IT! Don’t worry, I’ve got your back, and I’ll be singing in your ear until you can hear me, la la la la la…

About Rachel Lugn

Rachel Lugn is the funniest Lunatic oracle this side of Jupiter. An artist and mythologist, she studies astrology, tarot, and the occult. She is a tight-rope artist, metaphorically speaking, walking the line between the material world and the metaphysical. She knows how to make a soufflé but doesn’t know what to do with a vacuum.
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